Every believer is a minister, and each of equal value. We serve together as a team, participation of each member is key to fruitfulness.

Every believer is to be a witness of Jesus to the world. Our community is based upon the truths revealed in the Bible, and thus it is our standard for evaluating all situations. We seek to be biblically solid and culturally relevant which we believe is Christ honoring. A heart to see the lost be found is our "Main Thing" Realizing the needs of a believer differ from that of a non-believer, we seek to strategically create appropriate environments for each.

Believers must respect the process to maturity in new and young believers. BE PATIENT. We aspire to an environment motivated by praise and directed by a spirit of excellence. A general rule is no less than 80% praise to 20% correction. (Correction provides direction for a spirit of excellence, and praise is the fuel that helps move us towards those marks.) We are a community that values an upbeat, creative and casual atmosphere, at the same time, as representatives of Christ, our appearance is to be clean, modest and respectful.

We are a faith-based church that promotes creativity, vision and community in each and every member regardless of age, gender or social/economic situation. As a Christ centered fellowship we promote an environment free of all complaining, gossip and ridicule, we see all problems as opportunities to find God's creative and biblical solution - each one an opportunity to bring glory to God. We do not tolerate whining, complaining and gossip; they steal joy, faith and trust. We are a community that values an atmosphere of healing and restoration for individuals, families and the society. This healing is rooted in the love and grace of God as revealed in the scriptures.

We seek to communicate this heart for healing in all our communication, from the written and verbal down to handshakes, smiles and hugs. Love and acceptance are foundational to healing and restoration, and thus to our community. We value children's ministry every bit as much as adult ministry. This is reflected in our facility, our finances and our time. We realize and embrace the importance of relationships in the church. They are foundational to spiritual healing, growth and accountability. Small Groups are at the heart of our attempt to provide a place for that to happen.