• CornerStone Construction Co.   ( 1 Article )
  • Exalt Him   ( 1 Article )

    Mission Statement: We exalt Him, our Lord, and help Seekers of God grow in intimacy with Him through worship, prayer and the creative arts. We do it all - for an audience of One.

  • Men's Ministry   ( 1 Article )

    Our goal is to raise up godly men in an ungodly world, to take their positions as leaders, according to God’s design.

    The four major characteristics that the ministry will focus on are:

    1. Reject Passivity
    2. Accept Responsibility
    3. Lead Courageously
    4. Expect the higher, greater reward.
  • Welcome In   ( 1 Article )

    Mission Statement: The purpose of the Welcome In Ministry is to provide a first and lasting impression and create an atmosphere that each person is valuable to God and to encourage people to join what God is doing at Hope Chapel North Shore.

  • Women's Ministry   ( 1 Article )

    Our purpose is to challenge and encourage each woman to live an abundant life surrendered to Jesus Christ.

    Our Vision is to create a safe place for women to:

    •  look upward--discover who God is in a new and deeper way.
    •  look inward--realize the truth of who they are in Christ.
    •  look outward--connect with and help other women, and serve with purpose using the gifts God has given each one.
  • Youth Group   ( 1 Article )

    The Purpose and Goal:
    We want to reach children in understandable and creative ways with the gospel of Jesus Christ, the "Cornerstone" of our faith. It is our goal to lay a foundation of faith that will prepare and facilitate them to embrace their calling and design in God. It is our heart's desire to see these children grow in their knowledge about God, and be spiritual leaders of the next generation.